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Why Choose Licensed Child Care

Why Choose Licensed Child Care?

Parents want to feel secure in knowing that their child is placed in a child care program that provides added supervision and care.

In Ontario, there are two kinds of child care:

  1. Licensed by the Ministry of Education
  2. Unlicensed

Licensed child care programs are visited regularly by a Ministry of Education Program Advisors to ensure that licensing standards are being followed. Programs must meet and maintain specific provincial standards. These standards are intended to protect the health, safety, and well-being of children.

To learn more, read A Parent’s Guide to Child Care in Ontario:


Licensed Home Child Care and Unlicensed Home Child Care: How Many Children Are Allowed?

  • All home child care providers may care for two children under the age of two, this includes the providers own children;
  • Licensed home child care providers may care for a maximum of six children;
  • Unlicensed home child care providers may care for up to five children.

Learn more about the differences in home child care capacity.

Learn more about the changes to home child care capacity under the Child Care and Early Years Act.

“As the Director of a newly licensed, multiple location facility I was very fortunate to come to know about LCCN, its resources and the wisdom and welcoming nature of this group.  I would encourage any Childcare professional and family to learn about the work of LCCN and its tremendous impact on childcare.”

Margaret Whitley, Montessori Academy of London

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