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Collective Response

LCCN works collaboratively with the community to draft responses to proposed regulatory recommendations to ensure the voices of London & Middlesex are heard at all levels of government. Collectively, we express the ongoing needs of our early learning community to ensure our voices are heard so high quality child care remains a focus and a priority.

Current Initiatives:

A National Childcare Strategy for Canada

The LCCN, along with partners from Strive and Fanshawe College have come together to advocate, research, and promote a National Childcare Strategy for Canada, setting in motion a collaboration that is unique and fluid in meeting the needs of those who value the early years in the London region.

We are working to raise public awareness as well as engage all levels of government to take action in creating a National Childcare Strategy with the pillars of Affordability, Access, Quality and Responsiveness in mind.

For a prosperous Canada and a fulsome recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the answer has never been more clear.

An Open Letter for a National Child Care Strategy

On Friday, September 11 we had the opportunity to address several elected representatives from our municipal, provincial and federal governments at our Early Years Virtual Town Hall.

We discussed the various challenges being faced by the field of Early Childhood Education, the added burdens the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on the sector, and shared our vision for a National Childcare Strategy.

Watch highlights of the Town Hall HERE.

Early Years Town Hall (Full Recording)

Early Years Town Hall Infographic

Attraction & Retention in the Licensed Child Care Sector

With the Ministry of Education’s increased focus on the importance of early years and licensed child care, the LCCN advocacy subcommittee has embarked on developing a strategy for recruiting and retaining new professionals to support the children and families of London & Middlesex.

Adopt a Councilor 

The Child Care Advisory Committee Work Plan for 2016 included an Adopt a Councilor initiative. The Licensed Child Care Network worked collaboratively with members of the Child Care Advisory Committee to select and contact members of City Council. Councilors were invited to visit and tour child care programs and early years’ sites in their ward.  This initiative provided an opportunity for Councilors to meet local service providers and residents of their community who rely on child care services.

Councilors received an information binder from each site prepared with statistics on licensed child care, funding information, information on how to access child care and child care subsidy, and statements on the economic impact child care has on the city of London. These resources were provided to assist Councilors in gaining knowledge related to the essential early years’ programs and services offered in their ward.

This initiative provided an opportunity for the Licensed Child Care Network and London’s Child Care Advisory to educate and raise public awareness about the importance of quality early years, early learning and licensed child care.

Below is an archive of LCCN (formerly Partners Promoting the Importance of Early Childhood Education) advocacy projects: