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Who We Are

What is Licensed Child Care Network?

Licensed Child Care Network is a group of early learning and licensed child care organizations dedicated to high-quality child care. We work collaboratively with the community to raise public awareness about the importance of early learning and licensed child care.

Our vision is a community that understands, promotes and champions early learning and child care. We work to achieve this through:

  • education strategies that raise public awareness about the importance of early learning and child care;
  • providing information for parents about the range of services available and how to choose quality early learning and child care experiences;
  • promotion of the profession of Early Childhood Education;
  • maintaining links with committees and groups that have congruous missions.

“As a collective child care community, we use an organized voice to express a united message about the value of licensed child care. The LCCN provides a professional forum to connect, learn, support and work with other local members of the profession.”

Julie Keens, London Children’s Connection

Over the years, LCCN has made significant contributions to early learning and child care in London.

  • ‘Child Care – Early Childhood Education in London’, was a brochure that included a comprehensive listing of licensed child care and family resources, as well as tips on how to make a quality child care decision.  Annually, 8,400 brochures were distributed throughout the community and the brochure was available electronically at and the City of London website.
  • LCCN has been pro-active in supporting officials from all levels of government to understand the importance of early learning and child care.  Our members have hosted tours of their programs, meetings with stakeholders and participated in ‘Adopt a Councilor’ initiatives.  During elections, candidates have been surveyed to determine their support for early learning and child care, and results have been distributed to the public.
  • LCCN worked with the City of London, the Thames Valley District School Board and the London District Catholic School Board to host a cross-sector discussion on full day learning.   A community report, based on this discussion, was sent to the provincial Early Learning Advisor, Dr. Charles Pascal, to help inform his work.  The initial discussion generated a very successful summer symposium on Full Day Early Learning and established an expectation for further cross-sector collaborations.

Licensed Child Care Network Member Organizations:

Member organizations represent approximately three-quarters of early learning and licensed child care organizations in London.

kids boots in the mud

“I value the time I spend with the LCCN. It has welcomed me as a newcomer to London to a group of dedicated professionals and made me feel connected to the E.C.E. community. I have found in the LCCN a group committed to mentoring and supporting each other through the rapidly evolving changes in our field and to promoting and advocating for quality licensed child care.”

Kim Mitchell, Western Daycare

Our Recent Work

LCCN’s newest brochure, ‘What’s Best For You And Your Child’, is an educational tool that highlights the benefits of licensed child care to support families in choosing a high quality early learning environment that is the best fit for them.