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Child Care Subsidy

Child Care Fee Subsidy

Child Care Fee subsidy assists eligible families with the cost of licensed child care for children 0-12 years. There are a number of eligibility requirements as follows:

  • You live in London or Middlesex County;
  • You are currently employed or attending an educational institution or participating in a training program/ course;
  • You are ill, experiencing stress or have a family circumstance;
  • Your doctor or other professional is recommending licensed child care for your child.

By following the Child Care Fee Subsidy link below you will have the opportunity to apply for fee subsidy online. There are tips on how to submit supporting documents and tools including a Child Care Subsidy Calculator to help you assess what your daily parent fee could be. You can also link with the Community Support Associate attached to the licensed child care program you are interested in.

County of Middlesex Child Care Fee Subsidy

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City of London Child Care Subsidy

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