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LCCN is an enthusiastic and passionate group of professionals.

Networking is about building and enhancing relationships. Professionals who work in licensed child care and organizations that provide supports and services to licensed child care in London and Middlesex regularly attend meetings.  We create a climate of trust to ensure participants feel secure sharing the real issues and the impact on their practice.

Once a month, we come together for a 2-hour meeting where we have the opportunity to:


  • Everyone is welcome! Every voice around the table is heard and respected. We encourage everyone to get involved in collaborative conversations, planning, and the important work of our sub-committees: promotion and advocacy.

“As the Director of a newly licensed, multiple location facility I was very fortunate to come to know about LCCN, its resources and the wisdom and welcoming nature of this group.  I would encourage any Childcare professional and family to learn about the work of LCCN and its tremendous impact on childcare.”

– Margaret Whitley, Montessori Academy of London

Mentor and support one another

  • We can all learn from each other and support each other through the sharing of our knowledge and experiences. Sometimes we are the mentor and sometimes we are the mentee. LCCN provides a place for us to be both.

Feel connected

  • We all have very important and challenging roles to play in ensuring the best for children, families, and professionals. Engaging with others supports the work we do in our organizations, and helps us to build a deeper connection to the child care community.

“I value the time I spend with the LCCN. It has welcomed me as a newcomer to London to a group of dedicated professionals and made me feel connected to the E.C.E. community. I have found in the LCCN a group committed to mentoring and supporting each other through the rapidly evolving changes in our field and to promoting and advocating for quality licensed child care.”

– Kim Mitchell, Western Daycare

Share best practice and information

  • Keeping on top of our rapidly changing field can be challenging. At LCCN we exchange knowledge, best practice, and experience. We grow as professionals and we bring new ideas and strategies back to our organizations. We feel informed through the discussion of important topics such as licensing and policy development.

Collaboratively take action

  • We promote the benefits of licensed child care and advocate to the various levels of government collaboratively. Together we have a stronger voice and collectively we can improve the lives of children, families, and professionals.

“As a collective child care community, we use an organized voice to express a united message about the value of licensed child care. The LCCN provides a professional forum to connect, learn, support and work with other local members of the profession.”

– Julie Keens, London Childrens’ Connection